Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mix of past days.

These are the pictures from the last week. I stayed at the country house for several days, so I did not make outfit pictures. But I will show you a simple summer outfit, shopping for sunglasses and very tasty food. 

 Несколько дней провела на даче, не делала красивых фотографий и не заглядывала в интернет. Однако покажу вам обычный летний наряд, поиск очков в H&M и вкусную еду, сделанную на природе))

Delicious roast veal made in a cookware named Kazan. 

Телятина с овощами, приготовленная в казане.


  1. the first picture is so cute, love your wedges!

  2. Those heart shaped glasses are hilarious!