Monday, 28 February 2011


I am finally back to my blog. After my charger burned and I could not use my computer anymore, I was ready to cry!! You can really feel how much this little machine means to you when it is broken. You are connected to your friends through your computer, you read news on your computer, you listen to the music on your computer... You do everything with your best friend! And I am glad my little white friend is finally with me.
I was running in this outfit all day long. So many things to do. I did visit Starbucks which I love so much... But it was such a disappointment today. Coffee was terrible, really. Yes, as usual, something is good and something is not)))
And I was wearing:
                                                                       Blouse ZARA
                                                                       Jeans ZARA
                                                                       Bag FURLA

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Best OSCAR dresses.

Tomorrow is the night we are all waiting for not only because we like cinema so much, but also because we are all interested in what our favourite actresses will put on. And I decided to remember my favourite dresses from previous years.
 This is my favourite Oscar dress. Wonderful Charlize Theron in Dior in 2005. She looks so young and fresh in this gown. She looks like a queen, like a goddess!
 Marissa Tomei in 2010. An Atelier Vercace dress. I've never seen Marissa so wonderfully dressed!  The cut of the dress is so interesting.
 Penelope Cruz in 2007. An Atelier Versace gown looks fantastic on this fragile beautiful woman.
 Hilary Swank in 2005. This dress from Guy Laroche is so simple but so sexy and feminine at the same time. It shows that sometimes a restrained outfit can be more impressive than a chic extravagant one.

 Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior in 2009. She looks like a princess.

Saturday exibition.

 Here is what I find stupid if people really want to call it art. For me art is something that shows an interesting idea brought to you by amazing skills of the author. And sorry, but a shelf with toys is something I can see if I walk in my sister's room.
 There was also an exibition wich showed the great Fellini' s way of working and some shots from his films. The director had a very extraordinary imagination I should say. His strange pictures from the book of dreams leave quite a strange impression.
 I could say the picture was made in Tokyo even before I read the inscription! You can never mix up Japanese legs with somebody's  else.
As I had to be ready to go out in 20 minutes, I put on a simle casual outfit. Very comfortable and warm as usual!
                                                                    Sweater MANGO
                                                                           Bag Furla
                                                            Scarf bought in Harajuku, Tokyo

Friday, 25 February 2011

Men' s clothes.

 So here is the way to use your boyfriend's clothes if your wardrobe is not enough for you)))
I like men's clothes. It gives you a little bit sloppy look but shows you fragility at the same time. So if you spent the night at your friend's flat, you can always borrow his shirt for a day and make a nice outfit with it.
So let's see who else like boyfriend clothes and how they wear them.
Mary-Kate Olsen likes wide clothes. Here is the way to wear the shirt with jeans. Skinny jeans and a wide shirt. I like it!
 Kate Bosworth also wear boyfriend shirts with jeans.
 Nicky Hilton prefers a more feminine way of using the shirt. And as i like feminine looks, this one is my favourite from all the celebrity looks that i picked.
 Stefanel commercial with Daria and an outfit with pants.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

                                                                       Skirt Zara
                                                                Roll-Neck Mango
                                                               Boots Marc Jacobs
Bracelets H&M

I put on a brown roll-neck with a grey skirt to go to work and then to the University. Comfortable and warm. As the winter is not over yet, I still need warm clothes, but I can put on skirts, and I missed them so much! 
I also decided to use light blue nail polish this week, because it reminds me of spring sky! I am looking forward to feel spring smell in the street. It is an amazing feeling when after a long long winter you finally see the nature waking up. You suddenly feel free of depression and ready for new love and fashion experements!)))

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

                                                                       Vest D&G
                                                                    Sweater Mango
                                                                       Jeans Zara
                                                                       Bag Furla

Hello guys. Another day, another outfit)) Tomorrow is the men's day, so I guess this was the reason to put on the necktie! I adore neckties, they are great accessories. They can make your outfit bright and interesting just like scarves always do. But I am definitely not a fan of wearing neckties in its usual way. It is too serious. I prefer to wear it on the left or the right side. Or I can use a necktie as a belt.
But I always need something feminine in my outfit. Even this necktie which was bought in Rome, has an unusual wonderful print on it. And the lipstick... Of course, lipstick makes me self confident and make me flirt with men all day long))))

Monday, 21 February 2011

Africa Monday.

                                                              H&M vest
                                                              H&M roll-neck sweater
                                                              Furla bag
                                                              H&M necklace

I went to work today in a warm colored roll-neck sweater. As I already told you, colors mean a lot to me, they make me feel better. And this sand color roll-neck sweater with an ethno necklace made me dream about holiday time, which is not so soon as I would like it to be. And here the necklace actually "makes" the whole outfit, because without it, the look would be very boring and not interesting at all.
 I was lucky not to have lessons today, so I went straight home to enjoy a long lasting dinner with an episode of True Blood and a delicious ragout.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

                                                                       H&M vest
                                                                    Uniqlo sweater
                                                                  Forever 21 blouse
                                                                  Louis Vuitton bag
                                                                  Marc Jacobs boots
                                                                          Zara jeans
                                                                    Louis Vuitton bag
                                                                 H&M roll-neck sweater
                                                                      Forever 21 vest
                                                                    H&M sweater
                                                                     Zara    jeans
                                                                 Louis Vuitton bag
                                                                Marc Jacobs  boots
                                                              H&M shirt
                                                              Uniqlo roll-neck sweater
                                                                       H&M dress
                                                                        Furla  bag
                                                                Uniqlo roll-neck sweater
                                                                       H&M scarf

Hello guys!
My name is Natalie and this is my first post in my blog. Here are the looks I posted to this week.
It was quite difficult to think about nice clothes this week because it was extremely cold. -23/-25 is not a joke I should say! But still I tried to do my best and create some simple casual looks, which could make me feel warm during the day. I always try to add something colorful to my outfit, because if there is no color on or around me, my mood is never high!

This will be a blog about me, my preferences in fashion, about my daily life, about photography... about everything that i like!
So welcome to my blog, and I hope you will like it!