Friday, 25 February 2011

Men' s clothes.

 So here is the way to use your boyfriend's clothes if your wardrobe is not enough for you)))
I like men's clothes. It gives you a little bit sloppy look but shows you fragility at the same time. So if you spent the night at your friend's flat, you can always borrow his shirt for a day and make a nice outfit with it.
So let's see who else like boyfriend clothes and how they wear them.
Mary-Kate Olsen likes wide clothes. Here is the way to wear the shirt with jeans. Skinny jeans and a wide shirt. I like it!
 Kate Bosworth also wear boyfriend shirts with jeans.
 Nicky Hilton prefers a more feminine way of using the shirt. And as i like feminine looks, this one is my favourite from all the celebrity looks that i picked.
 Stefanel commercial with Daria and an outfit with pants.

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