Monday, 28 February 2011


I am finally back to my blog. After my charger burned and I could not use my computer anymore, I was ready to cry!! You can really feel how much this little machine means to you when it is broken. You are connected to your friends through your computer, you read news on your computer, you listen to the music on your computer... You do everything with your best friend! And I am glad my little white friend is finally with me.
I was running in this outfit all day long. So many things to do. I did visit Starbucks which I love so much... But it was such a disappointment today. Coffee was terrible, really. Yes, as usual, something is good and something is not)))
And I was wearing:
                                                                       Blouse ZARA
                                                                       Jeans ZARA
                                                                       Bag FURLA

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