Saturday, 26 February 2011

Best OSCAR dresses.

Tomorrow is the night we are all waiting for not only because we like cinema so much, but also because we are all interested in what our favourite actresses will put on. And I decided to remember my favourite dresses from previous years.
 This is my favourite Oscar dress. Wonderful Charlize Theron in Dior in 2005. She looks so young and fresh in this gown. She looks like a queen, like a goddess!
 Marissa Tomei in 2010. An Atelier Vercace dress. I've never seen Marissa so wonderfully dressed!  The cut of the dress is so interesting.
 Penelope Cruz in 2007. An Atelier Versace gown looks fantastic on this fragile beautiful woman.
 Hilary Swank in 2005. This dress from Guy Laroche is so simple but so sexy and feminine at the same time. It shows that sometimes a restrained outfit can be more impressive than a chic extravagant one.

 Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior in 2009. She looks like a princess.

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  1. sweety, i think you have a marriage complex,.. ;)
    i do have to say i love penelope cruz´s dress,.. very elegant but artful.

    cant wait to read about your impressions of this years dresses.. considering that there were a lot of terrible ones :)