Thursday, 31 March 2011

Finally it is sunny!

It is not only sunny, but it is terribly cold!!! Tomorrow is the 1st of April and there is only a little hint of Spring. It was lost in dark russian woods on the way I guess...
I decided to wear a sand colored sweater, which i think is wonderful for Autumn, but suited sunny weather so well. I suddenly remembered that I had laced tights. I adore it, but somehow I did not wear it for ages))) I mixed concervative things with these tights and the look became interesting and not overloaded with extraordinary details. It is also nice and pretty, just like I am))))

Bag Balenciaga
Sweater H&M
Bracelets H&M
Skirt (Tokyo, Shinjuku, Lumine)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Where is the blue sky?

The blue sky is hidden in deep, grey, never ending clouds and I am wearing a blue blouse to compensate blue color in my life)) Such blouses look good with classical skirts or jeans or... anything else. I like little golden buttons which look good with golden accessories. 
And these wonderful stretch Zara jeans are amazing. I forgot about all other jeans I have in my closet. It is soft and now all the others seem too havy. But I can not find any other pair(( So if you see one, tell me)) 

Blouse Zara
Boots Chloe
Jeans Zara
Jacket H&M

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

hidden colors.

I continue to find japanese pieces in my closet! Somehow it became the japanese clothes week. This skirt became so popular, it's picture was published in all magazines and one day I realized that i see so many girls wearing the same skirt or dresses with the same pattern. Actually the choice of clothes in Japan is so wide, but so many people wear the same stuff)) 
It was terribly cold outside by the way))

Skirt Girl's doors
Stockings Uniqlo
Jacket H&M
Boots Chloe

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sailor's friend.

I continue putting on stuff I've bought in Japan. This is what I usually wore when I lived there. Shirts with stripes and a plain or a flowery skirts were on the top in 2009. All stores were full with shirts, skirts and dresses of that kind. After there was success in Japan, this trend came to european stores like Zara and H&M for autumn/winter and then for spring/summer collections. If you want to find inspiration, Japan is the right place to go. Maybe Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld should go there to find a worthy idea for the next collections, because previuos ones were a true failure!

Top Mango

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Rose is a good color! Associates with spring and tenderness. Unfortunately Spring does not want to come to my city, but I am waiting for it. So here I am in front of a handmade chimney (so butiful! Made by my friend's mother), wearing a skirt and a scarf which I bought in Tokyo on Spring 2009. I started looking through those times pictures, and I believe there is no other place on earth where Spring is as beautiful as in Japan. I guess I already said it, but who cares)) And every single piece of clothes which I bought there makes me remember those wonderful times again and again. 

Sweater H&M

Could not resist showing you one of sakura pictures. 

Friday, 25 March 2011

Top 3 cosmetic products of the month.

I am the fan of different cosmetic products and perfumes! I always try something new and never buy the same product two times. I am always in the searching process. So let us see what made me happy the last month!
The first item is SK2 Signs eye cream. The brand is perfect. I do not know a person who would not say that their products are great. I love the eye cream! It gives moisture and your eyes look fresh and you look good as well. I have used it for one year and a half, and no bad changes happened to my eyes. And this is what we need - to conserve the freshness of youth, because you can not bring it back, when it is already gone)))

 Number 2 item is Jo Malone French lime blossom perfume. It is perfect for spring and summer. Floral from the beginning to the end! It opens with the linden blossom, then covers you with tarragon and leaves you happy for the rest of the day with an amazing smell of carnation. Perfect scent, which lasts on my skin about 5 hours.

The Laura Mercier cream was a revelation for me. I have never used any product from the brand. This cream has a gorgeous smell of a lemon-vanilla cake.
Leaves my skin very soft!
I guess this is not the last Laura Mercier product I bought)))

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Think positive!

Spring is not coming... Today it was snowing again and so I decided to put on something colorful and positive. Looks like a color therapy! And I also remembered that the tendence of this Spring is : mix all bright colors! (And this is what I usually do) This season's shows were like a color explosion comparing to light rose and beige colors of the previous Spring! So let's take out all the crazy stuff we have in the closet, this is the right time!

Dress H&M
Cardigan Uniqlo
Boots Cosmo Paris

Monday, 21 March 2011

High in Louboutin.

Here I am in my adorable Louboutin boots, which I do not wear so often. I love high heels and Louboutin shoes are so comfortable that you do not really feel the height. I also like to tie thin scarves as a belt. So I took a red one to make the look more complete. The combination of red and black is not my favourite. It is a little bit agressive (i think so) and gives an impression of something serious in your look. But sometimes it is just what you need. And now, when I put this on, I go for a coctail with my friend!

Blouse H&M
Skirt D&G
Bag Furla
Boots Christian Louboutin

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Oscar dresses 2011. My opinion)))

Especially for my friend Masha, who asked me to write about The Oscar ceremony dresses this year. Oscar was seweral weeks ago, but this is a right moment to remember the looks. They are not seen in every magazine anymore, but they are also not lost in our memory library yet)))
So here is my choice of the best and the worst!
Young Hailee Steinfeld looked like a little princess in this wonderful Marchesa dress. It suits her so well. It is a perfect dress for her age.

Hilary Swank looked lovely this time again in a wonderful Gucci gown. 

Kate Blanchette always looks gorgeous when she attends Oscar ceremony. This time she chose a Givenchy dress. I love it dress. One of the most interesting from this year's ceremony.

Mila Kunis chose an Elie Saab gown. It is so fragile with this light chiffon and 

Nicole Kidman in Dior. A lot of people said the dress is terrible. But I think this is real art fashion. An unusual form, a wonderful hand made embroidery. There is a harmony in this dress... For me it is a piece of art, not just an evening gown. 

The WORST...
Choices are not so perfect sometimes, so every year we can see people who seem like they forgot where they were going. 
I found the look of Hugh Jackman's wife quite strange. It doesn't suit her, it is not appropriate for the occasion... it is just ugly!

Marisa Tommei wore such a wonderful dress last year.. This time it was a terrible disappointment. Bad combination of the cloth spoiled the  dress. 

Busy Philipps. Hello the big bow lady. The dress is overloaded. The dress is big, the girl is big, the mistake is also big.

Melissa Leo choose a dress which does not suit her at all. It looks like she borrowed the dress from her older and bigger sister. Big shoulders do not make her look nice. 

Halle Berry in Marchesa. What can I say... BAD! The designer could not stop sewing trying to achieve the ideal. If only she did not put on a piece of a curtain on the dress... It looks like the piece on the bottom is not from here. 

This dress is a bad combination of cloth. Lace and frills, a lot of them, also make an impression of a curtain. 

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Can't live without flowers....

Where is spring? This is what I wanted to ask somebody today while going out. It is the end of March, and it is still 0! All magazines are full of lovely bright summer clothes and I am even afraid to guess when the real Spring comes! 
I wore one of my favourite dresses today. I love the colors of it. Not spring colors by the way. I will think about something more cheerful next days. 

Dress Mango
Vest H&M
Boots Chloe