Thursday, 17 March 2011

Paris fashion week. My favourite!

And finally we are to see and maybe discuss the Paris fasion week, which is of course my favourite. The collections you see in Paris are the most complete, professional and exiting. I believe that fashion comes from France. Unfortunately there was a great disappointment. The Chanel show was the worst among all the shows during the season. I have never seen something as unprofessional and untalanted as this collection. 
But there were so many other designers who showed amazing pieces!
So we start with Alexander McQueen.  Sarah Burton continues the house traditions in a very siccessful way! We can see everything what we expect from the brand : feminine silhouette, complicated cut and patterns and a sense of a strong and maybe even a little bit agressive woman. 

Collette Dinnigan was a new name for me. I like discovering new brands and this is a never ending story because every season there is a new designer that comes into the fashion world, and sometimes there is someone you missed during the previous season. Collette's collection is quite simple. No amazing evening gowns or interesting cuts. But it has a charm. 

Dior collection is a dream! John Galliano is a true artist! Every piece, every look is ideal. I would put the whole collection in here, but there are also other disigners)) The collection is full of colors, different style pieces. You can see a doll-girl a horse woman... With these clothes you can be whoever you want, depending on your living style or your mood. And this is what makes the brand so special. 

The collection by Elie Saab was not usual for him. We always see amazing chic dresses, but this time it is more simple and restrained. But look at the silhouette and the cut! It is just wonderful!

And we are back to my lovely John Galliano! This is a dress from the collection for his own brand. You can always see the similarity in his collections for Dior and his brand. But John Galliano is always more extravagant. His clothes bring a little bit of crazyness to your look!

Givenchy collection was... unexpected. At first I found it quite strange, and I still do)) But I do think there are a lot of interesting pieces. I did not like the big ammount of the similar clothes. Half of the collection gives the impression of being made in the last day before the show. But the other half is really worthy looking and wearing. Here is the look I liked the most. 

Here is Lanvin collection by my adorable Alber Elbaz. The form of his dresses is brilliant. Frills, volants and wide shoulders make the dresses so different from all the other stuff we see on the podium. You can never mix up Elbaz with any other designer. 

Valentino is now very different from what it used to be when Valentino Garavani was the head of the house. But Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Picciolido their best to keep the brand on high level and do their job very well. The collction is light. I see a young woman wearing the clothes. These pieces bring positive. 

Yves Saint Laurent collection was traditional. Nothing unexpected. Famous suits and white and black colors, straight lines and simplicity. And that is what for the brand is respected. 

And the last but not the least! Zac Posen who never betrays his style. He understands the woman's body and he wishes to show its great lines. The woman in his dress is always as beautiful as she can only be!

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