Sunday, 13 March 2011

camel coat...

A little bit of old pieces. It is always a surprise  when you find something very old in the closet and you understand you can still wear it. Do not throw away the stuff. You do not want to wear it today, but in 5 or even 10 years it could be the exact thing you would like to put on! So here I am in an old coat, which is... I don't even want to count its age))) And I am also wearing a 12 year old Givenchy belt. By the way, I do not go to vintage shops. I visited some, but I could never find something what I liked. Though I know people find amazing things there. And I can never get rid of the feeling of old, somebody's clothes, and it is not pleasant at all. I should try the vintage shop again. But for now, I prefer old pieces from my own closet))

I adore bright lipsticks! I have the whole box of lipsticks of all colors! It makes my mood better on a gloomy day, and it makes the look finished, as well as accessories.

Belt Givenchy
Coat vintage
Gloves Sermonetta 
Boots Chloe
Bag Louis Vuitton

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