Friday, 29 April 2011

On a bench..

Before coming home I decided to sit down on a bench for 5 minutes  to enjoy the sun which I see trough the window every day, but can not feel on my skin because I have no time. Children started going out to play, so they were running and screaming around. Trees are getting greener and greener. 
I was watching the royal wedding today. It was so interesting. Kate Middleton is such a charming lady! So, no work today)))
I wore an outfit which consisted of two main colors: pink and purple. I think that these two colors look good together. The skirt is from Tokyo. I guess it was bought somewhere in Harajuku. I miss the place. Harajuku is also the right place to eat pancakes!)))

Harajuku pancakes!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Having a break on stairs.

 I decided to make a break before classes started.)) So I sat down on stairs in my University. A piece of black chocolate made my short after-work break complete. 
I put on nice leather shoes that I bought in France last year. It is so comfortable. The japanese jacket is worn very often these days. The spring scarf from H&M completed the look and gave a little bit of color to it. Without a bright detail it would be too boring. I wore leggins, so I put a long top. You remember that I am not a fan of uncovered ass, don't you))
Weekend is so soon! I am prepared to cook something good myself. It happens so rarely when I cook smth special and not smth quick to do.. And I will tell you about my experements. Maybe I will put on smth beautiful... If the weather is good!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Celebrities. Last week.

Here are the pictures I decided to talk about this week. This time I prepared not only bad looks, but good ones too.
The first lady is Polina Deripaska. She created a usual outfit, which is kind of popular these days. I can say that we see hundreds of girls dressed the same way everyday. But I still think it is nice. Good color combination, no bombast which is so adored by local "stars". And a natural make up and hairstyle makes the look very light and natural.

A young actress Alexis Bledel is a very nice girl. But I do not like her dress. It is not bad, it just does not fit. Her hips are wider than shoulders and the dress only emphasizes it. Stripes intensify the effect. As a result we have a total disproportion.

Next one is Ksenya Chilingarova. First, I like the color of her suit (color is my passion, you know), which suits perfectly. Second, The length of trousers is ideal. I hate when shoes are not covered with wide trousers completely, it remonds me of clowns. 

A total fail of the week! Every time Christina Aguilera goes out, I get a moral injury! It was her outfit for a gay party, but this fact does not justify a look of and old cheep prostitute. I am sorry to be so rude. Big female shapes can be beautiful (remember Christina Hendricks),  but this is the example of "never do it like this"!

Fergie shows how to refresh an outfit with one bright detail. A balanced outfit in all aspects: in shape and in color. 

Monday, 25 April 2011

Last Tueday.

Last Tuesday was sunny but very windy. I had a walk in the alley with my friends to enjoy first spring sunrays. Such weather brings good mood and takes away all intentions to work)) 
A white shirt and a black skirt is a classical combination. But as I like to experiment, I put on leo boots and girdled my waist with a stripe and spots scarf. 
Yesterday I listened to the David Guetta's album "One love". I love the music! Tonight I listen to "It's the way you love me".

Sunday, 24 April 2011

purple looks.

I had a purple mood, so I made collages with purple looks. Here you can see a young stylish girl's outfit, a romantic one and a chic classical example. I hope you will enjoy it!

Dress Zara
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Bag Jimmy Choo
Nail polish OPI, Ate berries in Canaries (Spanish)
Ring Forever 21

Dress Coast Lita
Shoes Brian Atwood
Ring Lipsy
Bag Judith Leiber
Nail polish OPI, Pamplona purple
Lipstick Lancome, Fuzzy pink

Dress Herve Leger
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Bag Karen Millen
Ring Asos
Lipstick Dolce&Gabbana, Love
Earing Tallulah Tu

Saturday, 23 April 2011

First day in spring shoes.

It was the first warm day today! For the first time I wore my ballerinas. From now I will wear my adorable pumps and ballerinas all the time! I missed it so much. 
Today I wore a jacket from a Harajuku shop and a dress from a Shibuya shop. These are the places where you can always find interesting clothes. I am not a big fan of japanese clothes because usually the quality of materials is not good, but disign is like nowhere else. So if you like to put on leo leggins and neon blazers, Tokyo is a right place to go!))) But there are a lot of casual things, you can see the example on me. 
Shops are full of incredibly bright and beautiful clothes. I need shopping)) I do like Zara spring collection! It is one of the most positive collections I've ever seen. 
Kylie Minogue "Chocolate" is on and I am off. 
Prepared some new collages for you! So see you tomorrow)) 

Friday, 22 April 2011

Spring is in the air!

Finally I managed to make pictures outside. It is officially warm and sunny! 
My new orange blouse continues to inspire me. What a beautiful color orange is! Today I combined it with my adorable yellow Furla bag. It is made of ostrich leather and looks so positive! I also wore a necklace from Kyoto and a nice ring which I call "pancake")) I would like to buy some new accessories, they make the outfit live and I do not have enough to realize everything I have in my mind. As usual I made the emphasis on my waist using a thin scarf. 
This week I am wearing a Chanel nail polish "black pearl". A very nice grey color with green pigment. The orange lipstick from Dolce&Gabbana make-up line made my look complete! 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Blue piece.

Finally it is sunny. So my mood is better. The post winter depression steps back. 
Today I still wore a wool sweater, but with a summer skirt. Some people do not like different seasons' pieces combined, but I think it is a necessity in a climat like ours. It is warm but not enough to wear summer clothes - a never ending story. I decided to wear a skirt from Japan (Girls doors) and a japanese sweater from Uniqlo. 
I felt very comfortable in this outfit. 
Today I was listening to Beady Belle "Diamond in the rough". 
And as I barely need a good sleep, I finish my post and go to bed)))

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spring doesn't want to come, so I go to spring myself!

I can not wait for Spring anymore, so I decided to bring a piece of it to my daily life. I put on a colorful top from Forever 21. I still had to combine it with jeans and a cardigan from Uniqlo, but I felt much better with a summer top on me! I started taking out pumps and other open shoes and I hope to wear it this week. I also took out some summer clothes and I am looking forward to pack all warm stuff in boxes! I can not make my ideas real when it is cold. I am a summer girl, sweaters are not for me. So here is my today's outfit: casual but nice, colorful and positive, just as I am)))

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Celebrity looks.

Today I decided to comment on looks I collected during the week. The pictures feature celebrities who went out looking strange on my opinion. 
Jennifer Garner went shopping in a casual outfit. Comfortable clothes is a good descision when you go out to buy some food with children, but casual clothes can be different. In this case things just do not fit. Jennifer has nice body shape and there are a lot of other things which would suit perfectly. But she put on a shapeless cardigan and a dress from cloth which looks bad-quality. And I think that these two pieces do not go together. 

Ashley Olsen was one of my favourite celebrities a couple of years ago. Her looks were creative and inspired me. But then something changed. Here we can see a tipical look for her nowadays. I would discribe it like this : "In the morning I can not decide what to put on, so I put on everything I have in my closet". She looks like cabbage. She wears a nice coat, a nice bag, a nice scarf... but all together it looks like a joke. 

I must confess I have no idea who this woman is. Her name is Josephine Jinder. Such looks make me cry. It is unappropriate to wear penties and tights without any clothes over it! It is possible only for the stage. People who go out like this are ill-mannered. And I think that even wearing leggins without covering at least a half of your ass is ridiculous.

Katya Li 's outfits always look like a bad joke. 
First it was a movie premiere. It is possible to wear something like this for a walk. But it looks like she wanted to go to a sportclub, but somehow she has lost her way and turned out in the cinema. Second, the outfit is combined terribly. What's with the color combination? What's wrong with the bag? The only thing I could leave here is jeans. 

Kourtney Kardashian decided to become a house painter or a builder. This is the most terrible jampsuit I've seen this season. It reminds me a big sack! No form, and the design  looks like a cheap stuff from China. 

Daria Veledeeva looks too big in this many-layers outfit. I like the jacket and the dress, but all together it looks too heavy. A wide jacket and a wide ankle skirt is too much. I would show the waist line or put skinny trousers instead. And it looks very strange when people put on a warm coat with summer sandals. Don't you have a pair of pumps at home? 

Monday, 18 April 2011

Colorful abstraction.

Today I put on an old skirt ( Old stuff is welcome in my closet, you know this already :) ). More colors you have on a piece of clothes, more possibilities with the combination you have. I have orange waves on my skirt so I put on orange boots, little bordeaux waves go well with the same colored sweater... 
This Furla bag is fantastic! It is so big that I can take anything with me! And of course I like the design. I usually look for a big bag, it is much more comfortable for your everyday life.   

And this is a wonderful cesadilla from Starlite diner, which brought more joy to my lovely weekend. I had to share the picture with you! So if you still did not try it I advise you to do this!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bright time!

I decided to make some collages today. It is my first time, so maybe it doesn't look so good)) These are the looks which would be good for this spring and summer. They consist of two most topical colors of the season. Pink and orange are so positive! And they look so charming together. Last spring designers proposed us nude and fragile colors. This time it is bright, full of joy. These are the looks for people who are not afraid of combining colors!

Dress H&M
Balerinas Belle Sigerson Morrison
Bag Furla Candy
Nail polish OPI Too hot pink to hold (Texas)
Lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco Teheran

Trousers Zara
Sandals Zara
Top H&M
Bag Furla
Bracelets H&M
Nail polish Opi Hot&Spicy (Hong Kong)