Friday, 1 April 2011

Early spring sky color...

I miss my lovely summer dresses so much!! Actually I have so many summer pieces, much more than winter ones. I need to move to a warmer country as soon as possible. It is still not warm enough but I start to take out my light dresses and colorful blouses and try to put it on with something warm, so I would not be dead of cold while walking down the street. 
This is a dress from last year's H&M Garden collection. It is made from recycled polyester. I think it is great when companies not only speak about pollution and environment, but do something, don't you think? They now use recycled cloth very often and it gives a sense of respect! 

My lovely cup presented by my adorable friend Marija is filled with ginger bread latte in the morning and makes me relax with a ginger-lemon-honey tea in the evening. Delicious!

An enormous burger from Starlite. I've heard about it but I've never seen it! And it impressed me I should say. It impressed me as much as the person who ate it did! Can not imagine how he found so much space in his stomach!!

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