Thursday, 28 April 2011

Having a break on stairs.

 I decided to make a break before classes started.)) So I sat down on stairs in my University. A piece of black chocolate made my short after-work break complete. 
I put on nice leather shoes that I bought in France last year. It is so comfortable. The japanese jacket is worn very often these days. The spring scarf from H&M completed the look and gave a little bit of color to it. Without a bright detail it would be too boring. I wore leggins, so I put a long top. You remember that I am not a fan of uncovered ass, don't you))
Weekend is so soon! I am prepared to cook something good myself. It happens so rarely when I cook smth special and not smth quick to do.. And I will tell you about my experements. Maybe I will put on smth beautiful... If the weather is good!

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