Saturday, 23 April 2011

First day in spring shoes.

It was the first warm day today! For the first time I wore my ballerinas. From now I will wear my adorable pumps and ballerinas all the time! I missed it so much. 
Today I wore a jacket from a Harajuku shop and a dress from a Shibuya shop. These are the places where you can always find interesting clothes. I am not a big fan of japanese clothes because usually the quality of materials is not good, but disign is like nowhere else. So if you like to put on leo leggins and neon blazers, Tokyo is a right place to go!))) But there are a lot of casual things, you can see the example on me. 
Shops are full of incredibly bright and beautiful clothes. I need shopping)) I do like Zara spring collection! It is one of the most positive collections I've ever seen. 
Kylie Minogue "Chocolate" is on and I am off. 
Prepared some new collages for you! So see you tomorrow)) 

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