Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Celebrities. Last week.

Here are the pictures I decided to talk about this week. This time I prepared not only bad looks, but good ones too.
The first lady is Polina Deripaska. She created a usual outfit, which is kind of popular these days. I can say that we see hundreds of girls dressed the same way everyday. But I still think it is nice. Good color combination, no bombast which is so adored by local "stars". And a natural make up and hairstyle makes the look very light and natural.

A young actress Alexis Bledel is a very nice girl. But I do not like her dress. It is not bad, it just does not fit. Her hips are wider than shoulders and the dress only emphasizes it. Stripes intensify the effect. As a result we have a total disproportion.

Next one is Ksenya Chilingarova. First, I like the color of her suit (color is my passion, you know), which suits perfectly. Second, The length of trousers is ideal. I hate when shoes are not covered with wide trousers completely, it remonds me of clowns. 

A total fail of the week! Every time Christina Aguilera goes out, I get a moral injury! It was her outfit for a gay party, but this fact does not justify a look of and old cheep prostitute. I am sorry to be so rude. Big female shapes can be beautiful (remember Christina Hendricks),  but this is the example of "never do it like this"!

Fergie shows how to refresh an outfit with one bright detail. A balanced outfit in all aspects: in shape and in color. 

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