Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Leo blouse.

What can I say about leo.. I like it. I find natural skin patterns very interesting. They can make your outfit   lighter. When I see a woman who wears it, I know she likes to play with stuff in her closet. I never like different animals' skin mixed. One or two leo things are enough for one outfit. I've never seen a person who would be nicely dressed in leo from hat to pupms. And I do not like when leo is mixed with bright colors like pink. I just don't understand)) I also know that there are people who do not understand leo at all. I still remember how my beloved red-haired friend asked me to explain what was it so good about leo stuff, especially pumps, and why did everybody wear it. She did not like it at all. However... in a year or two she suddenly said : " I decided to buy a leo coat!". Things change))) Try new things!
Today I am writing while listening to the Richard Ashcroft ' s song "A song for the lovers". The right melody for a rainy day.

Bag Furla
Blouse Zara
Vest H&M

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