Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Celebrity looks.

Today I decided to comment on looks I collected during the week. The pictures feature celebrities who went out looking strange on my opinion. 
Jennifer Garner went shopping in a casual outfit. Comfortable clothes is a good descision when you go out to buy some food with children, but casual clothes can be different. In this case things just do not fit. Jennifer has nice body shape and there are a lot of other things which would suit perfectly. But she put on a shapeless cardigan and a dress from cloth which looks bad-quality. And I think that these two pieces do not go together. 

Ashley Olsen was one of my favourite celebrities a couple of years ago. Her looks were creative and inspired me. But then something changed. Here we can see a tipical look for her nowadays. I would discribe it like this : "In the morning I can not decide what to put on, so I put on everything I have in my closet". She looks like cabbage. She wears a nice coat, a nice bag, a nice scarf... but all together it looks like a joke. 

I must confess I have no idea who this woman is. Her name is Josephine Jinder. Such looks make me cry. It is unappropriate to wear penties and tights without any clothes over it! It is possible only for the stage. People who go out like this are ill-mannered. And I think that even wearing leggins without covering at least a half of your ass is ridiculous.

Katya Li 's outfits always look like a bad joke. 
First it was a movie premiere. It is possible to wear something like this for a walk. But it looks like she wanted to go to a sportclub, but somehow she has lost her way and turned out in the cinema. Second, the outfit is combined terribly. What's with the color combination? What's wrong with the bag? The only thing I could leave here is jeans. 

Kourtney Kardashian decided to become a house painter or a builder. This is the most terrible jampsuit I've seen this season. It reminds me a big sack! No form, and the design  looks like a cheap stuff from China. 

Daria Veledeeva looks too big in this many-layers outfit. I like the jacket and the dress, but all together it looks too heavy. A wide jacket and a wide ankle skirt is too much. I would show the waist line or put skinny trousers instead. And it looks very strange when people put on a warm coat with summer sandals. Don't you have a pair of pumps at home? 

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