Friday, 29 April 2011

On a bench..

Before coming home I decided to sit down on a bench for 5 minutes  to enjoy the sun which I see trough the window every day, but can not feel on my skin because I have no time. Children started going out to play, so they were running and screaming around. Trees are getting greener and greener. 
I was watching the royal wedding today. It was so interesting. Kate Middleton is such a charming lady! So, no work today)))
I wore an outfit which consisted of two main colors: pink and purple. I think that these two colors look good together. The skirt is from Tokyo. I guess it was bought somewhere in Harajuku. I miss the place. Harajuku is also the right place to eat pancakes!)))

Harajuku pancakes!

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  1. привет! мне понравился твой блог! будем следовать друг за другом?