Friday, 25 March 2011

Top 3 cosmetic products of the month.

I am the fan of different cosmetic products and perfumes! I always try something new and never buy the same product two times. I am always in the searching process. So let us see what made me happy the last month!
The first item is SK2 Signs eye cream. The brand is perfect. I do not know a person who would not say that their products are great. I love the eye cream! It gives moisture and your eyes look fresh and you look good as well. I have used it for one year and a half, and no bad changes happened to my eyes. And this is what we need - to conserve the freshness of youth, because you can not bring it back, when it is already gone)))

 Number 2 item is Jo Malone French lime blossom perfume. It is perfect for spring and summer. Floral from the beginning to the end! It opens with the linden blossom, then covers you with tarragon and leaves you happy for the rest of the day with an amazing smell of carnation. Perfect scent, which lasts on my skin about 5 hours.

The Laura Mercier cream was a revelation for me. I have never used any product from the brand. This cream has a gorgeous smell of a lemon-vanilla cake.
Leaves my skin very soft!
I guess this is not the last Laura Mercier product I bought)))

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