Monday, 14 March 2011

Yellow for a sunny day.

I love yellow. For me it is the color of joy! And though my friend Marija always tries to сonvince me to put on something else, I am sure this color is nesessary for my closet! I still remember how Masha tried to hide my yellow pants 10 years ago! I liked them so much and wore them all the time. I should admit now the pants were a little bit ugly))) I changed my style but color is still one of my favourites))

Skirt ZARA
Sweater Uniqlo
Bag Louis Vuitton

1 comment:

  1. well well well.. it is true that i hid those pants,.. several times :) but u always found them .. and yes,.. i dislike yellow, green, and orange in general. but the colors i really loathe in clothing are purple and red.

    and yes,.. natalie loves and wears all of them. mostly even together. :)