Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday exibition.

 Here is what I find stupid if people really want to call it art. For me art is something that shows an interesting idea brought to you by amazing skills of the author. And sorry, but a shelf with toys is something I can see if I walk in my sister's room.
 There was also an exibition wich showed the great Fellini' s way of working and some shots from his films. The director had a very extraordinary imagination I should say. His strange pictures from the book of dreams leave quite a strange impression.
 I could say the picture was made in Tokyo even before I read the inscription! You can never mix up Japanese legs with somebody's  else.
As I had to be ready to go out in 20 minutes, I put on a simle casual outfit. Very comfortable and warm as usual!
                                                                    Sweater MANGO
                                                                           Bag Furla
                                                            Scarf bought in Harajuku, Tokyo

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