Friday, 6 May 2011

3 cosmetic products of the month.

Today I am writing the monthly post about cosmetics. Here are 3 products which impressed me last month. 
I wanted to buy a dermalogica cream for ages, but I was never lucky to have it. I finally ordered it and I like it very much. It is "intensive moisture balance" cream. It really gives moisture to my skin. I have no problems with peeled skin anymore. It has a light medical smell.  

Skin Ceuticals eye crem. Very light, it penetrates so well that you do not feel it on your skin in a minute. I have no dark circles around eye area in the morning and my skin is soft and looks satisfied)) 

Spectrum Coconut oil. It is a wonderful treatment for damaged hair. I put it over my washed hair for 3 hours and then wash my head with shampoo for several times. My hair looks and feels amazing after that! It costs less than other cosmetic treatments, it is organic and smells wonderful!

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  1. Thanks for the info! Such reports of cosmetics, which you use, it is important for readers:)