Tuesday, 10 May 2011

First day with bare feet.

It was the first day I went out without tights! Such a nice feeling! Now I know that true spring has come. Had a calm and boring day at work and then I went to University. I adore such situations when you come and understand that you do not have lessons today. Luckily I was not alone)) So we had a drive and then a walk to buy some tasty stuff!
As for the look, this is my favourite style. Long skirts, high heels... I love it! Femininity is my love and inspiration.
Have a new song in my itunes. It is a song from the movie "Practical magic". Recommended for girls!)))
Stevie Nicks "Crystal".

As for the tasty stuff, we bought profitroles in Beard's papa. All my friends told me about this wonderful place, but I never manage to get there. Profitroles were perfect! Really tasty and big! 

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  1. Мне очень нравятся ваши блузки с жабо! Так женственно и воздушно! Надо такую же найти :)