Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cold. Red. Cloudy.

Today was cold. It was raining and I decided not to go out, but stay at home with my hot matcha latte(which I did not manage to make right). I put my warm sweater on and stay in an arm-chair reading and watching movies. But I made an effort to go for a short walk, to have a bit of fresh air. And I made some pictures in my red dress. I bought it in Japan in 2009 in Cecil McBee. You can find this store in any shopping center with clothes for young people, I guess. They had plenty of light summer dresses and other nice stuff back these days. But when I visited the shop in January 2011, I was disappointed, because they had nothing I liked. The jacket was bought in Japan (Harajuku). And the red scarf also comes from Harajuku. Only Minnetonka boots come from US, but they were ordered from Japan)) And now I go and watch a japanese movie, so I could call it a Japan-mood-day!

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