Friday, 13 May 2011

Sweet dress.

Yesterday the blog site was blocked so I could not post my new pictures. And so today I publish picures!
Yesterday I decided to put on a sweet dress. But I added "rock boots" and a "heavy" bag to make the look more interesting. I bought the dress in Korea in 2009. I wore it in Spring while watching sakura blossom.  The pattern reminds me of sakura flowers' petals, which fly down when the bossom is over. I like mixing different styles pieces. Doing this, you can finally find an ideal  look.
Necklace was bought somewhere in Harajuku and I also have it in white. Korea is also a very good place for shopping. Big range of clothes in asian style and of course good cosmetic products. I am thinking about ordering Korean clothes soon, their colorful stuff could bring joy to my everyday life. One thing I can not understand about Asian fashion is why they do not make whole range of sizes. Why is it always one size or S and M?

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